Refrigeration P/T Chart Tutorial

When you are charging or just checking a refrigeration unit, you use a set of gauges. The blue hose is connected to the port at the low-side of the refrigeration system and the red hose will connect to the high side of the system.

Refrigeration P/T
refrigerant pressure temperature chart Pt Chart Refrigeration pressure temperature charts pt chart refrigerant r ayucar 1024-2236

To properly know what your pressures and temperatures should be, you will need to know what refrigerant you are working with and a “Pressure\Temperature Chart” (P/T Chart).

With a P/T chart, if you know a temperature or a pressure of the ambient air or the refrigerant in your system, you can use a P/T chart to convert it to the equal pressure or temperature.

For an example using the chart at the right, at 100°f R22 refrigerant pressure would be 198.4. R502 at 100° would be 218.6, R12 at 100° would be 119.4 lbs pressure. If you just know a pressure, cross the pressure on the chart to the corresponding temperature.

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