Refrigeration Gauge Sets | Manifold Gauge Basics

Refrigeration Gauge

Refrigeration Gauge

As a HVAC and refrigeration service technician, normally referred to as HVAC/R technician, you must have a set of Refrigeration gauge and it is your biggest assets while performing many tasks on the systems.

These set of Manifold gauges will help you read pressure, and to get the correct reading and troubleshoot consequently.

Refrigeration Gauge Uses

It is a must have tool for performing numerous systems work. The sets of HVAC gauges, have different ports on it and are used for:

  • checking pressure in a/c lines and systems
  • determining if there’s a leak on the system
  • adding small amounts of refrigerant to the system
  • performing a complete evacuation and recharging on the system
  • used universally for servicing home A/C systems as well as auto.
Refrigeration Gauge

There are important basics to understand before using a/c manifold gauge set. AC gauge has three main ports,

  • High pressure chamber,
  • utility chamber,
  • low pressure chamber.

High pressure gauges are red, and low pressure gauges are blue.

As aforementioned, the high pressure side is attached to the red port and the low pressure side is attached to the blue port.

Refrigeration Gauge

Further to this, you may find the following tips very helpful: The center part of the manifold is where the waste hose is attached. You may also call it the vent hose. Besides the three main ports, you will see additional ports that come in handy when you want to attach micron meters, vacuum pump, and other similar gauges.

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