Hard Start Kit in Compressors Explained

What is a Hard Start Kit?

In simple terms a Hard Start Kit is a Capacitor. It is a start capacitor used in compressors on Air Conditioners and Refrigeration systems. Normally when a compressor starts, it draws a lot of amps for it to reach operating rpm. Over time this will wear down the compressor and will eventually get stuck or hard to function properly.

hard start kit
Hard Start Kit

A hard start kit comes with its own P.T.C Relay, and it gives the compressor an extra boost/tourqe of power when starting operation. The P.T.C relay is used to isolate the kit from the electrical system once the compressor is up to speed.

The kit is only used when starting the compressor

When to Use a Hard Start Kit in HVAC & Refrigeration

The kit is required when you encounter situations like:

  • If your system is old and compressor is getting hard to start
  • If you are using a power supplying like home generators
  • If you have problems with supply voltages or fluctuating low voltages
  • If you see changes in the lights circuit of your home/work gets dimmed every time the compressor starts.
  • If your compressor doesn’t work when switched ON, or you hear just a humming sound coming from the compressor.
  • If you are using a metering device(TXV) in your system
  • If there are more than one Air Conditioning systems running at the same time
  • If your circuit breaker supplying power to the compressor trips occasionally
  • If your system is extra long line set of refrigerant like in tall buildings.
Types of Hard Start Kit in HVAC/Refrigeration

There are mainly two types of kit available namely:

  • P.T.C Kit
  • Mechanical Potential relay Kit

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